Since last time . . .

Substitute Teacher Artist

Substitute Teacher Artist (Photo credit: Todd Berman)

I’m in a new life — since the last time I wrote.  Not actually, of course.  But metaphorically, yes.  I decided to become a substitute teacher. Again.  So, I went to the orientation in 3 school districts, passed the background test, and had my fingers printed. Since the middle of September, 2011, I’ve been a substitutue teacher in the Alpine, Provo, and Canyons School Districts.  I’ve taught every grade in the elementary schools including pre-kindergarten and a few classes in the middle and high schools.   I’ve even taught in some charter schools.  I’m in one today.  🙂

Do I enjoy this new-old profession of mine?  Yes and no.

Yes:  it’s a new experience every day with completely new opportunities and challenges;  any problem — no matter how difficult or taxing — can be endured for a day; I’m seeing vast and varied examples of classroom organization and can contrast and compare methods every day (exciting); and, I’m getting a more accurate picture of  this world of education.

No:  Every classroom is different with different standards and  routines which must be assimilated within about the first 15 minutes of the day; students rarely behave as well for a substitute teacher as they do for their everyday one; and, sometimes there is no lesson plan or a poorly conceived one which unfairly hinders  the performance of the students, not to mention my own performance.

So.  Why am I writing this today?  During school?

No lesson plan.  The students do all their work on their computers.  🙂

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